Visa Application

General Eligibility Requirements for Sri Lankan Visas

When Applying Visa through the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Islamabad,

Sri Lanka Immigration and Emigration may issue a visa to you, if:

  • It is satisfied that you are suitable to enter Sri Lanka.
  • It approves the purpose for which you are entering Sri Lanka.

Required Documents: (For Tourist and All Other Types of Visas)

  • 2 Passport size photographs in blue background
  • Original Valid Passport (+ Photo Copy) (Validity period of passport must be six months from the date of arrival to Sri Lanka.)
  • Flight Details / Travel Itinerary
  • Hotel / Accommodation booking details
  • Request Letter from the Applicant (All Kind of Application forms can be downloaded at

Visa for Business Purpose:

  • A letter from applicant’s company
  • The Invitation Letter or A Letter from Sri Lankan Company
  • NOC (in case of Government or private employee)

Visa for Official assignment/diplomatic purposes or government official visit

  • Ministry Note Verbal must be attached

Visa Fee Structure (This Fee is Only for Pakistani Passports)


For One month period 2050/- PKR per passport

For 03 Months 2260/- PKR per passport


For One month period 3100/- PKR per passport

For 03 Months 3310/- PKR per passport


For One month period 2050/- PKR per passport

Note: Kids below 12 years of age will be exempted form visa fee except Entry Visa.

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